Hello there,

I would like to know if you guys are offshore hosting and if you ignore DMCA?
Nothing illegal like phishing just embed movies and adult content.
Actually I own several websites for movie streaming , one youtube like video sharing website and two adult websites.
I have never receive any complain but want to be safe.
My current provider is Abelohost but my VPS is offline at least 3 x 15min daily. A friend told me that Webuzo.net is great offshore provider with real uptime and fast performance.

Please let me know if you allow video streaming + adult content. Also, can you recommend VPS plan for me? The total daily average traffic is 8500 uv.

Thank you for your time :)



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Hello @Nitroholic!

Firstly we would like to welcome you on our community forum :)

In regards to your questions, we would like to inform you that Webuzo Network is leading adult hosting provider in Europe. We are actually hosting some of the most visited adult websites in Europe.

Our offshore hosting plans are ideal for those who wan't to start their own video streaming website. We ignore DMCA as we follow only our local laws. (note: no illegal activity such as spam/phishing/hacking is allowed on our network).

Our uptime guarantee is 99.99% /mo .

Please click the following link to view our offshore adult hosting plans!

In your case we would advise you to go with VPS 4 plan or KVM Business

Have more questions? Just let us know.

Best Regards,
Webuzo Net